Cases Reported in The Taxpayer

This iPad-only publication of all cases reported in The Taxpayer since January 2009 is available to subscribers to The Taxpayer at no additional cost.

Cases Reported in The Taxpayer is intended as a user-friendly adjunct, rendering the relevant cases readily accessible and easily transportable, with no need to search for the appropriate volume of paper.

Each year we add a cumulative, updated edition as soon as possible after the end of the previous calendar year, so that a convenient collection of leading cases from 2009 to the end of the preceding year is always at hand.

Each case contains page references to the printed report in The Taxpayer and elsewhere, and our value-adding editorial comments follow after each headnote.

The swiftness and convenience of this iPad publication facilitate quick access to the relevant printed issue in which a case is reported, for those who prefer paper. In tandem they are an ideal combination, satisfying everyone’s needs.